Student self storage

Easy, low cost 'locker' sized student self storage solutions that fit with your plans and personal storage needs.

Maybe it’s difficult to keep a clear head while meeting an exam deadline and planning a move to your new rooms. When you’re trying to plan a year out or go home for the holidays, being surrounded by books and other clutter can be overwhelming.

We help people like you by offering a quick, easy and flexible storage solution, for when extra space might be the answer to your conundrum. We call them 'Student Lockers' and 'Telephone Boxes'. See our size and price guides here >>. We can also help with 'man with van' hire and removals - just ask!

'I've only got a bit of stuff"

Meet Max - he just needed a small unit for a short period of time:

Student storage space for people like Max"Hello I'm Max. I used RedSpot when I went off around the world." I was totally wrapped up in planning a dive trip with some mates, when it dawned on me that I needed to store my gear before heading for the sun”. With quite a lot of stuff, Max didn’t want to burden his mother by dumping it all at home while he was travelling.

Max needed storage and fast

"My flight to Malta was leaving the morning after my final exam, and I looked for a storage solution that provided a quick and easy option. I just wanted to get it sorted and get on that plane! RedSpot made it really easy because I could just drive up to the unit and literally just chuck my stuff in..." Read Max's full story here >

Storage questions answered

Our customers benefit from the peace of mind knowing that they have storage covered. When your belongings are safely stacked up, securely stored, and tightly locked up – that’s a few things less to worry about, leaving you to enjoy your time away from study.

People like you are fueling our get up to provide the right storage solutions for students. Through listening to our customers, we can style a storage offer that’s tailored to your personal or private needs.

What's your story?

If you’re like Max, we can help you with all your student storage needs.

You might also like our Hints, Tips and How To guides. Or, you can request a call back here to discuss your individual needs.

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