For when you’re looking for a flexible business storage solution that works with you and your business, RedSpot could be the answer.

Dealing with a rush on orders or balancing productivity whilst starting up a business can be daunting. Locating stock to meet a delivery deadline or creating additional space for seasonal equipment can also be an extra challenge you could do without.

Whether you’re scaling up or down and extra space is the answer, we help people like you with a 24/7 day, quick and convenient business storage solutions, with very flexible terms.

"I love it that I can just drive straight up"

Meet Martin - he needed kit storage:

Flexible storage space for business people like Martin"Hi, I’m Martin. I used RedSpot to store business equipment." As one of the worlds most respected polar photographers, Martin is always on the move but needed a central base that he could easily access at a moment’s notice, it had to be secure, safe and dry for peace of mind.

Storage that was just right for me

"No sooner is one assignment finished, I’m planning the next. When looking at storage options, I needed a secure, clean environment that was convenient to use and had the flexibility to access my equipment at all hours of the day and night. I just wanted to be able to concentrate on my travel preparations in the knowledge that anything I need is easily to hand! Being able to back the Land Rover up to the unit also meat loading and unloading took no time at all..." Read Martin's full story here >

We've got it covered

Our customers benefit from the peace of mind knowing they have their storage needs covered. When your valuable stock or delicate equipment is safely stacked, CCTV monitored and securely locked up – that’s more than one less thing getting in the way of your business performance.

Business customers like you are shaping the way we do business ourselves. By listening to our customers, we can style a business storage offer that’s tailored to individual trade or industry needs.

What's your story?

If you're like Martin, we can help you with all your business storage needs.

Please get in touch with George or a member of the team if you wish to discuss your business storage requirements.

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