For when you’re downsizing your space but not your belongings and want to understand the costs involved.

Maybe you’re moving home, leaving your digs, going travelling or moving in with someone? Or maybe you are a business creating additional space for seasonal stock, or a start-up just looking for the flexibility self storage can provide?

When you’re starting to consider a budget, the cheapest form of storage is to give it to a friend, donate to charity or dump it. But before you take that decision, there are storage options that offer great value, and cater for all budgets.

Things to think about

To help you answer the question of 'How Much Does Storage Cost', consider the following:

  • What items are you intending to store? If you are lucky enough to have a fine art or wine collection, then a specialised temperature and climate controlled environment should be considered. If you have gold bullion – then we would recommend Fort Knox, not a self storage unit!
  • Are they everyday belongings? Most of us have everyday items that have arrived in the home or office via a shipping container or on the back of a truck in the first place. Therefore to save on specialist storage rents - a dry, clean and well ventilated storage environment is recommended. try the blog, or our hints and tips section for more ideas.
  • Nice people to do business with? Choose who you store with carefully. Do they have the type of storage space you’re looking for,? Does the company have the facilities you are after? Are they conveniently located to you and what are their customers saying about them? Can they help you with extras like packing material, a 'man with a van', or even insurance? If you’re new to storage it may help to look at our jargon buster.

Cost Factors:

Generally the storage price will depend on the size, location and how long you need the storage for.

  • Size. Have you worked out what sized storage unit works best for you? Try our Space Calculator so you are not paying for more space than you need.
  • Access. If you require regular access then choose a location that is convenient to you. Alternatively, if you’re willing to travel you might find something that works better with the resources you have available to you?
  • Time. Whether you need storage for just a few weeks or a couple of years, consider what discounts are available and how long your current price is fixed for? You don’t want to move in on a cheap storage deal, only to find the price goes straight up!

Other things to consider:

No one likes unexpected surprises, so just like a hotel room you may pay extra for certain features. You should ask:

  • Are you’re paying for space restricted by sloping roofs or support columns?
  • Is there a premium to pay for ground over upper level units?
  • Do you have heavy or bulky items and need the convenience of direct access from your vehicle to the front door?

Other things you should think about:

  • Insurance: To protect you against loss or damage your items must be insured. Can you use your own home insurance? If you don’t have insurance, what is the additional cost when provided by the storage company?
  • Padlock: You will need one. Although you can purchase one of ours, you can also bring your own.
  • Access: Do you want the freedom to access your belonging at a time to suit you? If so then ask what the access hours are and is there a cost for extending these?

How to get what you pay for

There are cheap, low cost or budget options for everything. But, if you are like most of our customers, 'great value' is the real cost of storage. So to get a worthwhile storage solution, consider if the whole offer matches your individual storage needs. With that in mind, have a look at our Price Promise here.

For more of your questions answered have a look through our FAQs, or for a more information again, please get in touch with George, or another member of the team.

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