Jargon buster - A-Z of storage

For when you’re new to storage and you're looking for an easy storage solution, not a minefield of mystifying jargon.

Packing up your home, or running your business, can be tricky enough without being confused by the some of the words and terms using in the industry. Having unravelled all the jargon, get the storage solution that works for you:


The hours of the day you are permitted to access your belongings. 

Consider: Can you get around the clock access? At RedSpot services can vary from 24/7 access to office hours only access, but we will always try and accommodate your needs.

Access controlled gate

An electronic security gate that permits you to enter your storage location.

Consider: Who has access to your storage area? At RedSpot every customer is provided with their own PIN access code to get into the storage location.

Hold a storage unit online:

The ability to find the space that's right for you online, and hold it there and then (and keep it held for a period of time).

Consider: Are you able to 'lock-in' your rate with no credit card required and no obligation when you book online? If you need longer than 24 hours to make up your mind, can you extend the period?
You can hold your RedSpot storage unit online at no charge for up to 24 hours. You will then be contacted to confirm a reservation, and to see if you have any other questions about storage?


Insurance is needed to protect you against loss or damage of your items while in storage.

Consider: Your possessions are valuable and will not be covered when they are placed in storage without insurance. If you have insurance and are booking with RedSpot, please bring along proof of insurance cover, alternatively ask your storage manager about the insurance cover which we can offer you.

Notice to Move Out:

This is when you need to advise your storage provider that you want to move to a different sized unit, or you no longer need the storage space.

Consider: Are you being asked to sign-up to a long-term contract? At RedSpot you get the flexibility of serving only two weeks notice when you’re ready to move.


The price of a storage unit depends on the size, location and how long you need the storage for.

Consider: A Space Calculator like ours found in the Information Hub  will help you work out which size works for you. Choose your most convenient storage location and then get a price. And, you might also like our article 'The cost of storage' in our Hints and Tips section.

Reserve a storage unit:

Reserving a unit typically means you can hold a storage space, price and offer.

Consider: Will you be able to change your move date or cancel and still get a refund? At  RedSpot you can reserve space for up to eight weeks, or until you’re ready to move in. Many people are unsure of their exact move dates, so for convenience, you pay a £12 refundable fee to reserve your RedSpot storage unit (which will then be deducted from you first payment when you move in).

Security Cameras (CCTV):

Video surveillance to monitor the property.

Consider: Does your storage provider promote security and deter unwanted incidents? At RedSpot all movements in and out of your storage location are recorded.

Self Storage:

In the dictionary it’s defined as “a system whereby individuals rent containers or units of space to store possessions”.

Consider: Is the storage solution you’re thinking of a flexible do-it-yourself storage space, which can be tailored for your individual needs? At RedSpot that's exactly what they are.

Storage Agreement:

A legal agreement between you (Licensee) and RedSpot (Licensor).

Consider: Is your contract clear? Is there any room for mix-ups or mistakes? Does it set-out the fees you have agreed to pay, and the basis of understanding between the parties? Does it give you the freedom to only use the storage unit whenever you need it. Ours is all of these.

Unit Size:

The variety of storage unit sizes are generally expressed in Square Feet (SqFt) or Square Meters (M2) and vary in height.

Consider: Is it difficult to estimate how much you need? If so, use a Space Calculator like the one we have in our Information Hub, and always ask how high the unit is.

Unit Type:

Commonly described as:


PREMIUM/GROUND FLOOR SPACES: Generally describes a space that allows you to park at the front door and load your belongings straight in.

Consider: Ease and speed if loading heavy or bulky items?


STANDARD: Often describes a space on an upper level.

 Consider: Lift and trolley availability, plus corridor width to get to your space.


VALUE: A storage space often restricted by height or support columns.

 Consider: In lieu of space usability, could offer good value.


LOCKER: A bit like a large gym locker, and could be anywhere in the facility.

 Consider: Great for a few boxes or a suitcase or rucksack?

You might also like our FAQs and customer stories, but if you have any questions and would like to speak to a member of the team, please get in touch.


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