We're willing to bet you've seen cheaper self storage prices elsewhere.

Don't get stung by headline storage pricesBut you know how budget airlines hide those little extra costs “Oh, you want to breathe sir? I’m afraid oxygen is extra.” Well we think headline storage costs are a bit like that, only the extras aren’t that little.

The big boys make big profits on the small print, so before you part with any cash, please read our article on hidden costs below.

Insuring your precious belongings...

A classic example of a hidden cost is insuring your stored goods. Many of the big boys mandate using their insurance, and often to a minimum of £5,000. But when do they tell you? Well, when your storage unit is booked and ready to bring your stuff in, of course!

Naturally, we advise that you insure your belonging too... but we let you sort this out yourself. Or, you can use ours which we can add to your weekly bill starting at just 75p, which we tell you up front.

Access to your stuff, when you need it...

Drive-up self storage at RedSpot Self StorageAnother sneaky little cost that can come as a shocker, is paying extra to get to your own stuff when it suits you. Most storage companies let you come and go in office hours but... “Oh, you mean you’re at the office in office hours... well, you can come whenever you like, but there’s charge for that.”

Because you need to get to your stuff around the other things you have in your busy life, we don’t charge you extra. It’s your stuff – and with RedSpot you can access it 24 hours a day - and it's drive-up with no lifts, trollies or corridors to battle with.

A sturdy padlock...

RedSpot Self Storage unit lock boxHaving your own lock that you attach to your own door and check for yourself is definitely reassuring.

Lots of storage companies will conveniently forget to tell you that you need one, so it's a bit of surprise when the penny drops.

Imagine...there you are... you’ve put all your things lovingly away, closed the door, and... then... you find out you need a padlock, which you can buy at a hefty margin.

You are completely welcome to bring your own from home. And, of course, if you forget we have them on site at a reasonable price.

There are cheap, low cost or budget options for everything. But, if you are like most of our customers, 'great value' is the real cost of storage. So to get a worthwhile storage solution, consider if the whole offer matches your individual storage needs.

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Best value self storageRedSpot Self Storage believes in being fair, honest and open with our customers.

We are always looking to get the best storage service for our customers at a price that makes sense. That's why our website is loaded with helpful hints and tips, and aims to set out everything you need to know about our storage services before making any decision.

Our promise to you. Take a look:

  • You won’t be charged extra for extended or 24/7 access – it’s in the price.
  • You can use your own insurance – we won’t insist that you use ours.
  • Your fees will not be increased for at least 12 months - if you play fair by complying with the terms of the Customer Licence Agreement.
  • You’ll get quoted the best prices online or by speaking with a member of our team. As storage experts we try to keep in tune with market cycles, but if you manage to find a better offer for a comparable service, let us know, as we won't be beaten on value.

As part of our standard price promise you’ll also get our Money Back Guarantee. So, if we don’t deliver on the promises detailed in our guarantee let us know within a week of taking up your storage unit and if we can’t sort it out we’ll give you the week free.

You can't go wrong with this incredible guarantee - rest assured, your belongings are safe with us.

“Storing a lifetimes worth of memories was a real worry to us both! Thank you for all the helpful advice (and time!) you extended to us every step of the way. Annette and myself are so happy with our new home, we can now laugh at all the hurdles you helped us overcome.” - Paul Vigny, Bristol

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about our service, please browse some of our most commonly asked questions below.

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