Max used RedSpot's small student storage space when he was travelling

"Hello, I’m Max I needed storage to keep Mum happy."

With quite a lot of stuff, Max didn’t want to burden his Mother by dumping it all at home while he was travelling - he needed a small student storage solution.

Max's Story

RedSpot Student Storage - MaxStorage type: Small Student Storage

Unit size: Locker

Location: Bristol

Biggest item: Surf board

Smallest item: Pile of clean cloths

Favourite thing about RedSpot: "It was quick and easy to sort out and great value. Nice one!".

Planning his next trip was a “real buzz”, but before he could jump on the plane Max knew his Mum wasn’t that keen on him storing loads of books, clothes and other gear at home. To avoid a “headache” he had to come up with an alternative solution.

Why was RedSpot right for you?

"It was the first time in my life that I had even thought about storing anything, one of the things I suppose you take for granted when living at home.

I was totally wrapped up in planning a dive trip with some mates, when it suddenly dawned on me that I needed to store my gear before heading for the sun."

I needed storage and fast

RedSpot Home Storage - Global travel"Mum put the brakes on using home as a dumping ground, I was flat out with study and I had a flight to Malta fast approaching.

I was looking for a storage solution that was easy to use, and after having rung around, it was for this reason I chose RedSpot.

They were able to offer me some straight up advice, set it all up very quickly and once I had the access codes I loaded my stuff into mu unit the night before I flew."

What was the main reason for choosing RedSpot?

"I had driven past their road sign in Bristol and then funnily enough a friend of mine had mentioned how they had helped her out when she was looking for a storage solution.

When they mentioned small units in new shipping containers I was a little sceptical. They suggested that before I made any decisions, I come and have a look at the unit as well as read what their other customers say about them.

Containers Rock! It just so simple and RedSpot’s are spotless... being able to drive up to the front and just throw my stuff straight in was so easy."

What are the 5 most important things for you regarding storage?

"As a first time storage user, these are the best bits about RedSpot:

  1. Value - I’m a student!
  2. Pin coded 24/7 day access - Loading my things the night before I flew was a lifesaver.
  3. Easy to use - Driving to the front of my unit - Simple.
  4. New to storage - Dealing with straightforward people.
  5. Great result - No headache from Mum (and I got a job with the company).

RedSpot’s storage solution gave me a real break, not only did storing my stuff keep my Mum happy, but when I got back they also offered me a job. Not Bad!"

If you are like Max, we can help with all sorts of student storage conundrums. You might also like our FAQs section. Alternatively, please get in touch with George, or any member of the team for more help.

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