Mano used RedSpot to create more space with home storage

"Hello, I’m Mano I needed more space when my partner moved in. Home storage from RedSpot was the answer"

Like many people needing to share some space, Mano found herself with twice as many personal belongings than she had room for.

Mano's Story

RedSpot Home Storage - ManoStorage type: Home Storage

Unit size: Medium

Location: Bristol

Biggest item: Vintage Lafer Sofa

Smallest item: Pack of light bulbs

Favourite thing about RedSpot: "Really easy guys to do business with. I ended up taking a smaller unit than I thought I needed. Good advice!".

Moving in with her partner was an exciting change, but neither of them was ready to rid themselves of those special items. There was a lot of big stuff, but the difficulty was packing away the things she loved and had formed a special attachment to.

Why was RedSpot right for you?

"I started a company called Good Spaces, and have been lucky enough to work with some great photographer, producers, artists and agencies providing them with production services and access to amazing locations in the South West and further afield from LA, Barcelona to Florence.

Every production I do is a unique, and the clients I get to work with all have different demands. From the initial brief, to finding a location and putting a crew together every part needs my individual attention."

They listened to me

RedSpot Home Storage - Painted vase"I understand the need for a highly tailored and individual service, which deals with every attention to detail on a personal level. It was for this reason that I chose RedSpot.

They listened to my concerns and needs for some extra space, and then provided a storage solution that enables me to get on with my life."

What was the main reason for choosing RedSpot?

"I really didn’t want to spend a lot of time sorting out some extra space, as I was pretty hectic at work planning a film shoot in Italy.

Although the security of my stuff was high on my agenda, it was the helpful way RedSpot dealt with my worries that convinced me to go and check out their storage space.

Every step of the way they were able to offer me helpful advice and I didn’t feel pushed into making any decision I didn’t want to make. In the end I took a storage unit that was smaller than what I thought I would need, which also saved me some money."

What are the 5 most important things for you regarding storage?

"Looking back on our lives before and after getting some storage space, I would say:

  1. Service - They’ve got my very special things; I want to deal with nice people!
  2. Access when I want it - I never know when I will need to get something.
  3. Convenience - They're practically on my doorstep.
  4. Peace of mind - I want to know my things are safe and secure.
  5. More space - Not tripping over my partners boots!

RedSpot’s storage solution has given us huge peace of mind, particularly when work takes us overseas. But most of all, we’re really enjoying the space we have created in our home, and the clarity it has given us."

If you’re like Mano, we can help with types of personal storage needs. You might also like our FAQs section. Alternatively, please get in touch with George, or any member of the team and they'd be happy to help.

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