Billie and John used RedSpot when they were renovating

"Hello, we're Billie and John. We needed more space for temporary storage when we extending our home."

Like many people undertaking a major home renovation or decoration project, Billie and John were looking to keep their belongings safe (and dust free) while there home was being turned upside down during building works.

Billie and John's Story

RedSpot customer story Billie and John Storage type: Home Storage/Temporary Storage

Unit size: Larger than Extra Large

Location: Bristol

Biggest item: John's hat collection

Smallest item: Cashmere swatches

Favourite thing about RedSpot: "It was uncomplicated. Our plans changed and RedSpot were able to accommodate our requirements at only a moment’s notice.”

Having successfully run the retro clothing emporium, Billie-Jean Clothes for more than 20 years, Billie and John were looking for change. At a huge loss to other independent retailers on Gloucester Road, they closed the store. They were looking to take a different direction and expand on their creative sides.

TextilesWith easy access to vintage material, particularly cashmere and tweed Billie was making throws and blankets from carefully selected swatches “patch worked” together to amazing effect. Seeking the opportunity to expand on this, they retired from their shop and undertook to extend their home and provide workshop space big enough for the largest of throws.

With so much going on in a relatively short space of time, Billie and John were looking for a solution that would ease the pain of having disruptive building work going on in the home.

Why was RedSpot right for you?

"When we closed the store, we both experienced a major upheaval from our normal day to day lives. Having built a reputation for selling vintage silk and retro clothing, as well as a huge array of hats, we were ready to take a new direction.

"With so much change we were looking for an uncomplicated solution to store our belongings whilst we undertook the house extension. RedSpot enabled us to concentrate all our efforts on the new venture, without worrying about a life’s worth of possessions becoming part of a building site."

What was the main reason you picked RedSpot?

"We were busy juggling with closing the store, and building and embarking on our new venture. We felt like we needed some certainty in our lives.

"We needed regular access to our belongings, it made sense to choose a location convenient to our home. So Billie called RedSpot’s location in central Bristol.

"On discussing our situation with RedSpot, they made it all sound so uncomplicated... a major consideration for us visiting the facility. On arrival, we quickly noticed that RedSpot seemed very secure with all the usual stuff like CCTV, fencing, lighting and alarms. However, the clincher was the ease in which we could access our stuff we intended to store.

"Having spent a lifetime lugging boxes of clothing in and out of our store, it was a major plus for us both to be able to park in front of the storage space and move the heavier items straight in from the van."

What are the 5 most important things for you regarding storage?

"We are first time users of a storage service, so would highlight:

  1. Service – As shop owners, it’s important to know that there’s someone on hand to help.
  2. 24 hour access - it was local, so we made the most of popping in when it suited us.
  3. Convenience – pulling the van up in front of the storage unit.
  4. Uncomplicated – It was easy to set up, use the service and then move out.
  5. Peace of mind – knowing our belongings were securely locked away from the building site.

"It’s been an enormous task and emotional roller coaster closing the store and establishing our new venture. RedSpot’s answer to self storage was a great benefit to making that process run smoothly. Now that our building works are complete and the space we wanted has been created at home, we look forward to giving our energies towards our new enterprise”.

You can see some of Billie and Johns amazing work on their Facebook page here.

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