UK Cleaning used RedSpot for all their business's storage needs

“Hello, I’m James from UK Cleaning. I needed secure business storage for my business merchandise and stock.”

As a start up business, James Warrack was looking for a flexible business storage solution to grow his cleaning business without having to buy or expand into commercial premises. Self storage offered affordable storage units without the need for complicated lease or business rates to pay.

James's Story

RedSpot customer story - Team UK CleaningStorage type: Business Storage

Unit size: Large

Location: Bristol

Biggest item: Twin Tec Floorcare machine

Smallest item: iPod

Favourite thing about RedSpot: "The drive up storage unit is incredibly convenient and very easy to use. All my staff say how single-level, drive-up access makes their life easier when loading heavy equipment. Not having to lug things around corridors and up and down lifts is a huge morale booster!!".

The idea about the cleaning business came to James whilst working as an engineer for Airbus in Toulouse. Ever the entrepreneur, James thought that if he could secure a contract cleaning the many kilometres of corridors in a building like the Toulouse headquarters he would have a foundations for a very successful business.

Returning to Bristol, James set to work locating a base in which to operate his business. It was only after a chance discussion with a friend, who had operated a successful eBay business from a self storage facility, did he consider that a business like RedSpot Self Storage could help him out.

Why was RedSpot right for you?

“As a business start-up, balancing financial commitments with long-term property options can be a daunting task. I was looking for a secure storage solution that afforded me the flexibility to grow my business UK Cleaning.

What was the main reason for choosing RedSpot?

Why UK Cleaning chose RedSpot Self Storage

“George at RedSpot offered me an external lock up storage space at a price that I believed to be fair in the context of its location within central Bristol and proximity to my customer base.

“The storage fees were easy to understand and budget for. The all inclusive monthly charge made life a lot easier as I didn’t have to consider other property costs like business rates, service charges and maintenance costs. All the types of costs that would be associated with traditional industrial units or commercial properties.

“A flexible lease term was also a deal winner in choosing self storage over other commercial storage options. I was able to tailor my storage space to what I needed as the business took off. It was easy to increase the amount of storage required, add racking to the storage unit and make use of the Wi-Fi available at RedSpot’s central Bristol storage facility.

What are the 5 most important things for you regarding storage?

"Looking back on our lives before and after getting some storage space, I would say:

  1. Flexibility: Flexible storage terms and transparency in the price of storage.
  2. Accessibility: Being able to drive and park at the front of my storage unit. Think how you would use your storage space if it wasn’t on the ground floor.
  3. Service: Does your storage provider look out for you? Do they give you the impression of being on your team? I am passionate about doing a great job for my customers, and it’s great when my suppliers do too.
  4. Security: My lock up contains valuable merchandise, equipment and stock – you have to have peace of mind that you’ve chosen a secure storage solution.
  5. Round the clock access: Having 24 hour access is crucial to a 24/7 business like ours. Always ask your service provider if it’s available and if there’s an out-of-hours-access charge.

 UK Cleaning“On one occasion George got out his tools and helped build some racking with me. If I was recommending RedSpot to a friend then going that extra yard is something that really made a difference to me.

“Starting a business can be a lonely place, it’s great to know that you have people like the team at RedSpot supporting you”.

Find out more about UK Cleaning on their website, or search for them on social media.

If you’re looking for a cleaning service then give James’ team a shout. Or if you’re looking for a storage solution, please get in touch with George, or any member of the team and they'd be happy to help.

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