Martin uses RedSpot for business equipment storage

"Hello, I’m Martin I needed storage for equipment essential to my work."

Martin is always on the move but needed a central base that he could easily access at a moment’s notice, it had to be secure, safe and dry for peace of mind.

Martin's Story

RedSpot Business Storage - MartinStorage type: Business Equipment Storage

Unit size: Large

Location: Bristol

Biggest item: Sled

Smallest item: Empty cigar box

Favourite thing about RedSpot: "Being able to access my stuff day and night, and the ease of lugging heavy gear straight into the unit from my land Rover is key. Easy!".

As one of the world’s most respected polar photographers, Martin is constantly on the move, with his assignments taking him from the North to the South Pole... and a few hot places in between. Some of his amazing work can be seen at

When in Bristol, Martin was looking for a solution to keep his equipment secure, whilst being able to get to it day or night as the need arose.

Why was RedSpot right for you?

"I make a living by looking through the lens of a camera, whatever the shot being lining up I’m mindful of the whole picture before capturing that decisive moment. Every location is different so I learn to deal with conditions such as driving sand in the Oman, to freezing equipment at the Pole."

They gave me clear information

RedSpot Business Storage - camera equipment"Understanding and processing clear and accurate information and employing the right equipment for the job is what I do.

RedSpot understood my storage needs, providing some good advice then delivered a solution that worked."

What was the main reason you picked RedSpot?

"I was in the middle of preparing for an expedition to Kamchatka in Russia. My equipment was spread between 3 locations and I needed to consolidate.

Having moved from London to Bristol, it made sense to choose a location convenient to home, so I visited RedSpot’s location near Temple Meads.

Having access to my gear at all hours of the day and night was a major reason I chose RedSpot. But I also attribute part of this decision to the fact that they use shipping containers. Being at ground level, it’s really easy to move the heavy stuff straight out of the Land Rover into my unit and from experience I know how tough and resilient they are for securely storing stuff. I mentioned to George that they are widely used at the Pole for storage and sometimes to live in!"

What are the 5 most important things for you regarding storage?

"If I must pick a few things that stand out, then:

  1. 24 hour access - Day or night to collect that thingamajig.
  2. Convenient - Near home – when I’m in Bristol.
  3. Park in front of unit - Sledges are not easy to lug around.
  4. Secure - I don’t have to leave gear in Land Rover overnight.
  5. Value - More expensive than a lock up, but cheaper than losing it!.

My RedSpot experience 'ticked all the boxes'. It’s convenient to my home (when I’m not travelling), and I can access my equipment when it suits me. The security also provides that assurance that enables me to devote my attention to planning my next expedition."

If you’re like Martin, we can help with types of business storage needs. You might also like our FAQs section. Alternatively, please get in touch with George, or any member of the team for more advice.

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