Thursday 5th March 2015


A call to get involved.

RedSpot have challenged the people of Bristol and the South West to get a calmer home in just 4 weeks. They've teamed up with Divine Living Space, and put together some great ideas to help get on top of the chaos.

Daily decluttering tips and advice.

RedSpot have invited everyone and anyone to sign-up to the '28 Day Declutter Challenge' - four weeks of free decluttering and storage advice. And it's totally free.

RedSpot 28-Day Declutter ChallengePeople will receive a tip a day to help work through a month of tidying, organising, housekeeping and packing away.

MD George Spence says "When clutter builds up at home or at work people get stressed. We want to help reduce that stress by tackling clutter a day at a time. Everyone deserves to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day, so creating the perfect environment for a good night’s sleep is as good a place as any to start. We hope the rest of the home, or even the office, will follow."

Promoted on social media

With bonus material on day 28, the campaign will also be supported on Facebook and Twitter. RedSpot hope the challenge will get interest UK-wide and help as many people as possible across the country get blissful bedrooms in just four weeks.


Click here to take The Challenge >

Click here to go to the Divine Living Space website >>
Search #declutterchallenge on Twitter >>

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