Thursday 30th November 2017

Self storage near me solved Santa's storage problems

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Santa's welcome to use our "elf storage"!

We've ben thinking about how Santa would find a good value and trusted storage provider and it got us thinking about how other people might do the same. Do they just Google ‘Self storage near me’?

RedSpot Elf Storage Santa's Sorted!

When you need a service like storage, you simply pick up your mobile or tablet, search “self storage near me” and through the use of mobile GPS, your search engine delivers the nearest search results. This is a great service, but in our experience, the biggest factor is price, not just the convenience of location...

So why not storage nearby?

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, or have used our storage services before, you know that we’re always open and honest with our pricing, and really do give you all the costs up-front. Like you, we don’t like hidden costs either.

We keep a close eye on the market and do our utmost to be as competitive as we can. So, although our storage facilities may not feature in your “near me” search results we do select locations for both their convenience whilst offering customers great value for money.

“But your storage is not near me!”

Let’s say you live in Swindon or Newbury town centre, we know our locations will not be as convenient to a local storage business in the centre of either Swindon or Newbury. But I suppose it also depends on how you live your life and of course, if you are happy to weigh up the benefit of precious saving and how important that is to you?

As an example, and at the time of writing this, we found massive savings when comparing prices for a storage space just 15 minutes away in Swindon. Looking at a small space of 40SqFt for 52 weeks:

  • Big Yellow Swindon: £1,468.80
  • RedSpot Membury M4: £744.00

Your mobile may have found you storage near me, saved your 15 minutes drive but haven’t you got to ask yourself is it worth paying a price nearly double ours?

Then there’s more....

You know how budget airlines hide those little extra costs around every corner? “Oh, you want to breathe, sir? I’m afraid oxygen is extra.” Headline storage costs can be a bit like that! Only the extras aren’t that little.

See also George’s blog ‘Is a cheap storage price a real cheap storage price?’ and before you jump in and buy the 'self storage near me' option, consider other reasons why choosing 'a self storage facility not near me' could be kinder to your pocket:

  1. Insurance: A classic example is insuring your stored goods. Many larger providers may mandate using their insurance, and often to a minimum of £5,000’s cover. This could add more than £5 a week to your bill, and may not be advised until after you have booked. Naturally, we advise that you insure your belonging too... but let you sort this out yourself, or offer the use of ours starting at just 75p a week.
  2. Out of hours access: Another little cost that can come as a shocker, is paying extra to get access to your own stuff when it suits you. Most storage companies let you come and go in office hours, but there’s an extra charge for ‘out of office hours access’. That could cost you as much as another £3 or £4 extra a week. With RedSpot you can access it 24 hours a day at no extra cost. We just sometimes need notice in advance if you need access out of office hours.
  3. Padlock: Having your own lock that you attach to your own door and check for yourself is definitely reassuring. Lots of storage companies sometimes choose not to tell you that you need one, until you’re at the check-out, or worse, at your unit with a car load. With RedSpot you’re completely welcome to bring your own padlock from home. And, of course, if you forget it, we have them on site at a reasonable price.
  4. Price-point check list: If you’re after a cheap storage solution, don’t forget to compare the following before you buy: If you are going to be charged extra for extended or 24/7 access. If you can use your own insurance. Whether your fees will not be increased in the first 12 months. If you’re agreement comes with a money-back guarantee or price matching service.

And finally...

We'd love Santa to come and use our storage as much as any local business or home storer, and mobile GPS is a great tool to find it. But if you are thinking about your pocket, there are a number of consideration to take on board rather than simply relying on “self storage near me”. The storage option that’s right for your pocket may be just a short distance away? Read what some of our customers say about it here.

If you would like any more help and advice of the right Christmas storage, or any other kind of storage option please get in touch.

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George Spence

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George founded RedSpot and keeps it all together.

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