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At RedSpot Self Storage, we’re all about making people’s self-storage journeys easy. So we’ve invited our good friend Dave Puttock at Bristol Van Removals to share the ‘rules of house removals’ and the many other house removals tips he’s picked up over the years.

The stress-free rules of house removals.

Dave says:

Rule 1: Seal it up.

Moving tips - boxesPlease ensure that all boxes are sealed-up securely so that your removal people can stack them in the van. Not only will this make their jobs a bit easier, but proper stacking will help them fit more of your stuff in too. Also, and according to RedSpot’s storage manager Hector Campbell, packing them in cardboard boxes rather than plastic boxes mean your packed items can literally ‘breath’ A good tip!

Rule 2: Go light on the books.

Moving tips - booksWhen filling up boxes with books, please check that you can lift the filled box yourself because this means that a removal man can lift it too.

Splitting heavy loads up into more manageable ones will help removers get the job done nice and safely. As we all know health and safety is always important when moving boxes around for a job.

Rule 3: Make sure what came in will go out.

Moving tips - wardrobesIf you've constructed a flat pack item in your home, like a wardrobe, there's a chance it won't go out fully assembled. And other things like your dining table, beds and even large sofas might need to be disassembled. If you’re not able to disassemble items like these yourself, then your removal company probably won’t mind taking any furniture apart to move it out, but this will add time on to the job. Just a little something to bear in mind.

Rule 4: Save a space for the van.

Moving tips - parking for the removal vanIf your street is not very good for parking, please try and reserve a space outside for the removal van. This is best achieved by a combination of waste bin/recycle bin and/or if you have your own car to park outside. Removal companies use large vans so a double space is ideally required (although, most removers know this isn't always possible so don't worry if you can’t do this).

Rule 5: No blockages.

Moving tips - keep a clear spacePlease keep hallways, corridors, entrances and walkways free for the removal team to get to the items they need first.If nothing else it will help avoid trips and falls and it will also save time and help them to get your stuff out and into the vans even easier. **Thank you**.

Rule 6: Don’t stress.

Moving tips - don't stressPlease don't stress about your removals experience and trust your removal guys. People like us do this job every day and we are very good at what we do. You only need to go and have a read of testimonials like ours if you are feeling stressed, they should hopefully put your mind at rest that your removal day will go without a hitch.

Rule 7: Last but certainly not least…

Moving tips - keep the kettle handyAnd finally, please remember - removal men run on cups of tea – it’s a fact. So please don't pack the kettle!

A well-fuelled removal man works much faster which means you'll get the job done quicker and save more time and money there too! Cheers!


Thanks Dave! So, whether you need a bit of help moving your stuff into storage, or you just want someone to take the strain off you on moving day, bearing these handy removal tips in mind will certainly help to make your removals experience that bit easier.

Moving your stuff into storage needn’t be stressful. Read real life RedSpot customers' storage stories here, and see how easy it was for them.

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