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books and record storageDid you need more (or less) space? Were you moving in with a partner and shedding a property?

When looking to buy or rent, people get excited at the thought of a spare room. It can be really useful for storing extra belongings or hosting the occasional guest, but is it really worth it?

Did you consider storing?

If that spare room just ends being a junk room (no room for visitors anyway), then maybe it was a false economy? It may not have been your first consideration, but your local storage provider could have had some excellent options.

Storage prices are very competitive (and cheaper than the cost of a bigger house), so when you’re looking to get on the property ladder, why not considering self storage instead of another room.

Did you think it would be expensive?

Did you look at doing a storage prices comparison? You might have thought using self storage space inconvenient and expensive, but when conducting a storage prices comparison, on say storage prices Bristol, comparing the services against what you paid for that spare room might have been worth while.

As for inconvenience, start by choosing a storage facility that’s located near to your home. Then consider the access available, for example:

  • 24 hour around the clock access - 7 days a week
  • Ground floor units loading from the car straight into the storage space

What could be less convenient than having a first floor spare room full of heavy boxes and clutter that just gather dust?

What about Granny at Christmas?

While most storage companies can’t help with storing relatives, booking a B&B for a few nights will certainly be cheaper than forking out for a bigger house. Unless you regularly have people to stay, having a guest room is wasted space that requires extra cleaning and costs more money up front and ongoing (for heating and lighting).

And, don’t forget that dreaded Council Tax, which you may unwittingly be pushing yourself up into a higher bracket and even more cost.

Maybe you have enough space already...

Home storage solutionsDid you know the average home actually already provides adequate storage space?

In a dwelling site survey (download) conducted by Scott Wilson for CABE, over 200 different sized houses were compared, and interestingly revealed that for example, a two-bedroom flat or house already provides a median of 1.26 m² of storage and utility space which should be ample for most people’s needs.

Most items stored in a spare room are rarely needed or used, so why not use the storage available, and move anything else elsewhere. A good place to start is comparing say, Big Yellow storage prices with some local storage facilities. Then draw up a comparison of the best storage prices against the level of services offered and what works for your individual circumstances.

How much will you save?

Money back guaranteeLooking at the survey and again comparing a two-bedroom house or flat to a three-bedroom, the average difference in rent according to Home is over £150 a month.

We have to admit that the cheapest storage solution is probably the Recycling Centre, but if you’re not looking to get rid of your belongings, and are comparing this cost to self storage prices, then it’s easy to see huge saving are there to be made.

When renting or buying a house or flat, a certain amount of commitment is needed. If you decide that your spare room was a bad idea and a waste of money, you’ll have to waste even more money getting out of the contract and moving house, not to mention the wasted time too. Opting for storage however is a lot more flexible, with short contract times and the possibility to change unit sizes depending on changing needs.

On the other hand self storage is designed to provide the ultimate flexibility:

  • Round the clock access
  • Big and small storage spaces, and
  • Short term flexible leases

Still not convinced?

When you’re sitting at home with a sore back, blistered hands and stubbed toes from moving your heavy items to and from your spare room, up and down stairs, and round corners ask yourself was it worth paying the cost.

So you need extra space or you’re not prepared to let go of your belongings then when you’re on the move? Don’t forget to throw the idea of self storage into your storage price comparison mix. What’s more, Granny will much prefer staying in a nice B&B anyway and you won’t have to listen to her snoring either!

If you're considering self storage, you might like our inventory download. Alternatively, request a call back and one of our storage managers will be happy to help with any of your storage conundrums.

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