For when you just need something dry, robust, secure and weatherproof.

The ultimate purpose of our self storage units is to provide our customers a clean, dry and secure storage environment. No Compromise. The fact that they are drive-up and on one level with 24/7 access available is a bonus.

Built to last

Our sturdy steel storage containers (always brought from new and cared for with a regular maintenance regime) provide a great storage solution.

PRedSpot Self Storage Unitsut simply, these types of shipping containers are tough, and built to withstand all kinds of challenges including and, not least of all, enduring some pretty harsh treatment and conditions like:

  • Ocean storms with crashing waves
  • Stacking, packing and generally bumping around
  • Rain, wind sunshine and snow

In fact, they're so good for storing, there are at least 5 million shipping containers transporting everyday goods across the oceans at any one time. That’s enough storage space to stretch to Australia and back!

American Bureau sticker

Our customers say great things about us and are storing business inventory and personal items with great success. Things like:

  • Home furnishings
  • Documents and archives
  • Clothing or bedding, and
  • Electrical goods and equipment

In fact the chances are most of these things probably arrived in the UK via a shipping container in the first case.

Customers can choose from a verity of storage sizes from a whole unit ('Large'/160SqFt) down through three quarters ('Medium'/120SqFt), half ('Small'/80SqFt) and a quarter unit ('Mini'/40SqFt). We also offer smaller sizes for student storage ('Telephone Boxes' and 'Student Lockers').

Find out more about our sizes and prices here:   Go to price guides


RedSpot Self Storage Unit Lockbox

For your peace of mind once your belongings are safely locked away - we're always working hard to ensure your goods have our full attention.

This starts with security, so bear in mind containers are:

  • Solid steel
  • Very secure, and
  • Virtually vandal proof

And for added protection your padlock is protected by a tamper resistant “lock box”.

And it doesn't stop there

Your possessions are also protected by a variety of security measures including 24 hour CCTV, PIN coded access and alarm/monitoring systems.

For security reasons please contact your nearest location and ask the storage manager for further detail about security at that site.

You might also be interested in our Information Hub where you will find lots of hints, tips and advice about self storage.

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